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Letters to the Editor

2019 letters to the editor in support of Bill are coming from numerous Bedford residents, including one from 255 residents (and growing), and one from former residents; she a former Planning Board member.  New letters will be added up to the election, even if they don't make the publication deadlines of the Bedford Citizen or Bedford Minuteman. 

For a ride to vote on Saturday, March 9, please call 781-275-5278

Support Bill Moonan for Selectman

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published: March 1, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Bill Moonan's re-election as a Bedford Selectman. 

The Town needs Bill's experience and expertise.  He has demonstrated a long commitment to the Town and to promoting decisions that are in the best interests of the Town and all of its residents and taxpayers.  Bill long ago recognized the value of maintaining the best attributes of the Town's history, coupled with sensible financial decisions that enhance Bedford's livability for everyone.

I urge voters to support Bill Moonan on March 9.

Walter St. Onge

102 Pine Hill Road


Moonan's priorities are based on decades of involvement, research, informed reflection and sincere love for Bedford

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published: March 1, 2019

To the Editor:

As I begin my 12th year as a Bedford selectman, I am looking forward to once again working with my colleague Bill Moonan.  Bedford is facing some interesting and significant challenges residential, municipal, environmental, financial, demographic.

Our board, our wonderful new town manager, other arms of town government and the entire community will benefit from Selectman Moonan’s experience, judgment and insight. We can be confident that his advocacy and priorities are based on decades of involvement, diligent research, informed reflection and a sincere love for the town and the values it represents.  I encourage you to cast one of your two votes for selectman on March 9 for Bill Moonan. There’s so much more work to do.

Mike Rosenberg

387 Concord Rd.


Climate scientist confirms Moonan's support of solar and wind power, and his belief that climate change exists

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published: March 1, 2019

To the Editor:

I am pleased to write in support of Bill Moonan’s candidacy for re-election as Selectman. Bill’s long record of exemplary service to the Town is remarkable, and what has always impressed me about Bill is his devotion to making Bedford the best possible place for all of us to live and enjoy.

He has brought his financial expertise and his concern for the special nature of our Town to bear on innumerable efforts that have benefited us all, from making Bedford a greener community to advancing the needs of our senior citizens.

I know that concerns have been raised by some about Bill’s support for dealing with the threat of climate change, including the use of solar energy. I wish to allay those concerns: Bill has stated publicly, and to me and others privately, that he strongly supports the need to address climate change and that both solar and wind energy are important parts of the solution. Indeed, when Bedford received a grant from the Solarize Mass program, Bill asked his wife, Carol Amick, known for her record of environmental accomplishments while in the State Senate, to help publicize the program.

Bill has always supported efforts by Bedford to make us a greener community, including:

  • Getting gas engines off Bedford’s roads as much as possible, by supporting bike and electric assist bike programs, increasing walkability, and addressing our traffic congestion problems.
  • Pushing for funding to upgrade town equipment, including heating and cooling systems to reduce the town’s energy footprint.
  • Promoting the revamping of our street lights from sodium vapor and mercury to the far greener LED lighting option. He has promoted replacing indoor town lighting with LEDs as well.
  • Enthusiastically supporting the installation of electric vehicle charging stations (Bedford has two so far), and, as the Selectmen’s liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, encouraging local businesses and industry to consider installing more.

As a retired climate scientist, former acting director of NOAA’s Climate Program Office, and past-president of the American Meteorological Society, I applaud Bill’s commitment to improving the environment and know that he will continue those efforts in another term as Selectman. I know Bill to be honest, sincere, and totally dedicated to the best interests of the town. Please join me in voting for Bill Moonan on March 9.

Richard Rosen

5 Glen Ora Drive


255 Bedford residents (and growing; now 259) endorse Bill Moonan

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published: March 1, 2019

To the Editor:

We join other Bedford residents in urging your readers to re-elect Selectman Bill Moonan at the Town Election on Saturday, March 9.  We have lots of different reasons for supporting him:

  • He cares about the impacts of the tax burden on seniors, young families – every taxpayer – and encourages other decision-makers to consider the financial impact of their votes.   

  • He has successfully improved Town government transparency by introducing the televising of meetings and the use of speaker phones for remote participation.

  • Concerned about Bedford’s seniors, he works with the Council on Aging and other Bedford groups to help these citizens age gracefully in their homes. He will continue working with other Town boards on creative solutions to the scarcity of housing for seniors who want to down-size.

  • He cares about those residents needing a helping hand.  As a member of the Bedford Housing Authority, he worked to start a successful program helping tenants in Family Housing gain life skills training and job preparation. 

  • Protecting Bedford’s small-town character, he convinced the Selectmen to call a Special Town Meeting last summer to rezone land off Hartwell Road that is being sold by the federal government in order to provide the Town some control over its eventual development. Despite a political decision by the AG’s office to disallow the rezoning, he is working on other options to protect the adjacent neighborhoods and control Hartwell Road traffic.
  • Concerned about the environment, he will continue advocating for numerous initiatives to promote a greener Bedford (bike and pedestrian lanes, reducing traffic congestion, reducing the Town’s energy footprint, etc.)       
  • Supporting Bedford’s small businesses, he initiated efforts to establish a Bedford Cultural District to encourage more tourism and local economic activity. 
  • He cares about the Town’s historic character.  He promoted an easement on land split off from the Fitch Tavern property to preserve the land as a mini-park.  He chaired the efforts to select the best public site for an historical museum, is negotiating with the Bedford Historical Society to run a museum, and will bring final museum costs before the Selectmen and Town Meeting for approval. 

Bill Moonan represents continuous, caring leadership, fiscal responsibility and creative vision for the Town.  Please see Bill’s website, www.MoonanForSelectman.com for more information, and give him one of your two votes for Selectman on Saturday, March. 9th. 

Ann Guay, Anne Bickford & Allen Marshall, Jerry Wolf, Betsey Anderson, Paul & Wendy Ciaccia, Paul & Barbara Purchia, Erica Liu & Kyle Smith, Ed & Zoe Pierce, Jinhan Zhu & Guanghai Ding, Bea Brunkhorst, Tom & Anne Larkin, Susan & Mike Wingfield, Jennifer & Chris Boles, Sharon & Tom McDonald, Paul & Stacy Mortenson, Patty & Steve Dahlgren, Kara Kerwin,  Alice Sun, Yiyu Jia & Alice Zhang, Xingyu Li, Maggie Pan, Lee Vorderer & Bob Bass, Jimmy Wang & Lily Yan, Wai Yuen Tang & Yu Li, Irma Carter, Jane & Dan Puffer, Sandy Duan & Ji Su, Xiaohui Lu & Ying Yang, Juan Gao & Bin Bao, Bob Dutton, Antonio Battaglia, John Carbone, Barbara Perry, Mengshu Hsu, Lilian Wang & Ethan Yuan, Jan van Steenwijk & Barbara Hitchcock, Jon “OC” O’Connor, Cailei Zhu & Yulin Qi, Chunhong Li & Yang Li, Alan Long, Judy Randazzo, Salvatore Canciello, Kalin Liu & Yujie Wang, Jiyu Huang, Katie Sun & Mike Xu, Eric Dahlberg, Nancy Bilafer, Ruth Beauchesne, Tim Gray & Mary Ellen Carter, Claire Austin-White & Don White, Bing Chen & George Yang, Gang Liu & Yan Zhang, Thomas Zhang, Kevin & Nancy Latady, S. Brown & Lois F. Pulliam, Michele & Rick Rosen, Ling Zhao, Xue Wang & Samuel Chow, Fengying Zhu, Jerry Pfeffer, Alexia Schulz, Melinda Dietrich, Abbie & Mike Seibert, Fuchang Yin & Jin Wang, Lili Huang & Lei Zhu, Lewanna Li, Jacqueline S. Edwards & William A. Edwards, Ellen Kift & Matthew Nankin, Birgit DeWeerd, Yiwen Zhang, Lei Gu, Rick & Shuang Stoppe, Ling Zou & Chiun Chau, Lei Li & Lieyu Hu,  Nancy Asbedian, Jane Button, Mary Cretella, Barbara Feehrer, Jan & Dick Burnes, Ying Li & Keith McDonald, Alan, Karen & Eric Kachelmyer, Kim Parmentier, Lao Cao & Rong Zeng, Dave & Kate Trigg, Don Corey, Steve & Robin Steele, Steve Hagan, Sandra Hackman, Allan Morgan, Rong Wei, Yuan Chen, Baowei Zhou, Shanming Rong, Gladys & Bill Drohan, Joanne & Vincent Orlando, Bridget Clayton, Mary & Larry Kernan, Christine McGovern, Yan Li & Jiapeng Yi, Bingbing Chen & Guangming Wang, Xuexia & Xiao Zhou, Jeff Dearing, Kay Hamilton, Steve & Patty Carluccio, Yanyan Wang & Eric Zhao, Jennifer & Peter Fournier, Claire Higson, Barbara & Jim O’Neil, Lori Eggert, Janet Schimelfenyg, Judy & Dale Watkins, Chris Lipson, Catherine Yin & Lee Lu, Jessie Xue & Henry Huo, Eric Lin & May Zuo, Linda Young & Gary Shao, Gene Kalb, David Powell, Karen Dunn, Elizabeth McClung, Tom Busa, Ben Thomas, Karen Kalil-Brown & Timothy Brown, John Monahan, Gerry & Brendan Welch, Ellis Kriesberg, Lauren Crews, Emily Pruyn, Lew Putney, Barbara Kupfrian, Joanna & Bruce Nickerson, Jim & Sandra Flewelling, Angelo Colasante, BarBara Aldorisio, Joe Vassalo & Jana Bartos, Bobbie & Lou Ennis, Kay Gauntt, Drs. Michele Masi & Peter Drivas, Harold & Betty Zaff, Rick Liou, Sandy Baker, Maureen Levine, Richard Manley, Janet Collins, Betty Slechta, Ann Seamans, Marietta & Arthur Ellis, Janet Humphrey, Robert & Helen Kalantari, Christina Wilgren, Harley Haynes, Alexis Weisz, Jane Blasi, Mike Rosenberg, Patricia & Richard Boffa, Jim Carter, Adam Schwartz, Emily O’Hara, Scott Counsell, Bob Parkhurst, Wilma Johnson, Frank & Joan Gicca, Carl & Signe Hanson, Kelly & Jay Randazzo, Charles & Tina Reinhardt, Mary Galipeau, Rosemary Dyer, Barbara Clifford, Suzanne Koller, Leo & Aline Cierpial, John & Marie Linz, Don Marshall, Mark Siegenthaler, Heather and David Pullen, Judy Storer, JoAnn Santiago, Ben and Pam Thomas, Joe Piantedosi, and Carol Amick.


Moonan attends to Reeves Road-Burlington land-locked land access issue

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published: March 1, 2019

To the Editor:

We are writing in support of Bill Moonan's continued outstanding work as a Bedford selectman.  He has been so helpful in clarifying Reeves Road-Burlington land-locked forest road access issues, and in protecting our no-through-way street. 

Overall, being able to live in our peaceful, ethical, well-run town is priceless.  We wish to convey our thanks to Bill for his public service.

Drs. Michele Masi and Peter Drivas



Bill Moonan: "Unrelenting dedication, insightful involvement, inspiring dependability"

Bedford Citizen

Published: Feb. 26, 2019

To the Editor:

After 20 plus years of being an active, involved resident of the Town of Bedford, one develops a very good sense of appreciation of, and for, those who help make this town the great community that it truly is.

Bill Moonan has earned my appreciation for his unrelenting dedication, insightful involvement, and inspiring dependability, in town activities, organizations, causes, and government. Even though Bill and I don’t always agree on the outcome of an issue, he conducts business with a thoughtful approach, with discerning debate, and adheres to an open, transparent process ultimately culminating with a sensible conclusion. One of his most notable attributes soothes some of the most challenging situations - humor will work wonders when applied properly.

Commitment, attention to details, a subtle confidence, and pragmatic approach are merely bullet points on a resume. Yet, when we combine those necessary attributes with the wealth of knowledge and experience in town government such as Bill Moonan has amassed over the decades, we have an individual who will get the job done. Bill’s pragmatism advances a far more common-sensed approach, rather than the all too prevalent allegiance to more emotive approaches.

So it is, with utmost sincerity, that I enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Bill Moonan for another term as a proven, dependable, experienced entity as Selectmen for the residents of this wonderful village we live in, called Bedford.

Jon “OC” OConnor

54 Notre Dame Road


Moonan's service critical to re-establishment of Historical Museum

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published Feb. 26, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing to strongly urge your readers to support Bill Moonan for Selectman. I have worked with him on projects over many years. Bill's knowledge of and experience in town government are extremely valuable, and he has always acted in what he sincerely believes to be Bedford's best interests. I believe that his continued service as a Selectman is critical to re-establishment of a town museum, a project that I am also very much committed to.

Few residents are aware that the Stearns Memorial Building (now Police Station) was built almost entirely with generous donations made by residents over decades to the Bedford Free Public Library and that the town had a museum there, operated by the Historical Society, for almost half a century. When the building was under construction, additional needed donations were made by the Pickman family in order to complete its construction. Town Meeting unanimously accepted the donations, subject to a permanent “assembly room” being provided for the Historical Society there. It became the Pickman Memorial museum.

When the town needed space for the new Police Station in the 1990s, the town closed the museum and redefined the Society's “assembly room” as an office there. It is packed with the documents and artifacts from Bedford's rich historic and cultural history.  The Police need the space occupied by the Society.  Longstanding efforts by the Society to find an alternate location for a museum have finally become encouraging under Selectman Bill Moonan's leadership. 

As an advocate for a museum, Bill chaired a study committee and was then instrumental in bringing this issue back before the community. Residents at Town Meeting voted funds for a study of potential locations, and the resulting consultant report recommended re-establishment of the museum at Old Town Hall. Bill is on the Selectmen subcommittee negotiating terms for operation of the museum by the Historical Society. His continued service on the Board of Selectmen is needed in order to provide continuity in completing this project.

Please join me in voting for Bill Moonan on Saturday, March 9.

Don Corey

2 Page Road


Moonan actively involved in Housing Authority/Senior programs

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman

Published Feb. 28, 2019

To the Editor:

It is my pleasure to endorse William Moonan to serve as a Bedford Selectman for another term.

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Bill on the Bedford Housing Authority for the past 11 years.  Bill has been a mentor for me and many of our new members by helping us to learn the ropes of becoming a Commissioner as well as helping with the past history of the Bedford Housing Authority.  Having been the Chairperson for many years has given him a firm knowledge of the fiscal constraints that we have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Bill has been actively involved with many of the projects involving the Housing Authority.  He worked hard to see that the Town was able to acquire the Coast Guard property that would make available more low income housing for the elderly and people looking to downsize their homes and remain in Bedford. Using his skillsfrom the private sector he has been instrumental in working with our Executive Director in finding efficient and effective management for our Elderly and Family housing programs.  Bill has always been very concerned for the senior population and makes sure that we provide as much as we can in the way of safety and security by upgrading the units, renovating the kitchens and bathrooms, the walkways and exterior lighting so that they can enjoy living here.

His involvement with the innovative program dealing with the Life skills Management Program (which is a pilot program for other towns) for our families started two years ago and we are seeing some very encouraging results from this, it involves helping adults to go back to school and either get their GED, Tech. Training Certification or College education. The Program has been so successful that some of the residents have been able to move out of their subsidized units and move on with their lives with the new skills that they acquired.

Bill Moonan is a person who really cares about this town and works hard to help make it the town that we all love. I ask you to join me in voting for Bill Moonan for another term as a member of the Board of Selectman.

Jane Puffer

235 The Great Road


Bill Moonan’s Perspective, Experience and Dedication are Important Assets for the Town of Bedford

Bedford Citizen

Sent:  Feb. 24, 2019

To the Editor:

We are writing this in full support of Bill Moonan for Selectman.  Bill has proven his willingness over the years to keep an open mind, listen to many points of view on different topics affecting our town, and serve our town with integrity.  Over the years whether we have agreed or disagreed with Bill on issues, we have always believed he has carefully, thoroughly and fairly evaluated the items before him as Selectman.  Having dealt extensively with Bill over the years through our volunteer efforts on Town boards and committees, Bill has demonstrated deep and extensive knowledge in all areas of town government.  His perspective, dedication and judgment are respected by us and many people in town and are an asset the town would greatly miss if he was not on the Board of Selectman.  We are very grateful for the years he has served - and even more grateful that he is willing to continue to represent all Bedford residents.  We feel that it is important for our town to continue to benefit from Bill’s involvement on the Board of Selectman and we fully support his bid for reelection.

Steve and Patty Carluccio

Washington St., Bedford


Bill Moonan Saves Historic Union School as Town Center

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman:

Sent: Feb. 22, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing to support the re-election of Bill Moonan for Selectman. Bill has long served as the Selectman’s liaison to the Council on Aging, and faithfully attends both the Council on Aging (COA) meetings and the Friends of the COA (FBCOA) meetings, where he is a good listener and often offers suggestions.

As a former Chair of the Council on Aging (and currently a member of the board), and the current President of the Friends of the COA, I am very aware of Bill’s support for the seniors in our community. I am also so grateful for Bill’s creative vision, 38 years ago, when he took action as a private citizen to save the old Union School building behind Town Hall, and turn it into the wonderful Town Center we have today.

Where would Bedford be without our Town Center!

One night 38 years ago, while Bill and his wife, Carol Amick, were walking their dog, Bill complained about the fact that his beloved Bedford Players theatrical group didn’t have a place to perform their plays. Bill knew there was an old, yellow, vandalized, historic school building in the center of Town that the School Committee had declared as surplus. There was talk of tearing this old building down for a parking lot.

Bill thought this building would make a perfect Community Center, so he arranged to get inside, and using his expertise in Boston real estate development, determined what repairs were necessary. Next, he wrote and gathered signatures for a petitioner’s Article for Town Meeting. Neither the Selectmen nor Finance Committee of that day supported his proposal, but Town Meeting voted to give him $250,000 to renovate the Union School as a Town Center. Bill then worked to establish Town Center, Inc. (TCI), to oversee the building renovations, and manage the building. Bill has stayed involved as a TCI director all these years.

Today, Town Center is thriving as the site for the Council on Aging’s bustling activities, other Town departments, and rental space used by a variety of organizations.

Bill Moonan cares deeply about this community, and has demonstrated that caring leadership, creative vision and fiscal responsibility time and time again. I urge all Bedford voters to give him a vote for Selectman on Saturday, March 9.

Bobbie Ennis

155 Bagley Avenue


Consistently Impressed with Bill's Efforts and Accomplishments

Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman:

Sent: Feb. 21, 2019

To the Editor:

As a long-time resident of Bedford, I am writing to express my support for Bill Moonan for another term as Selectman. I have known Bill for a number of years and have also been able to observe his work, actions and accomplishments as a Selectman. I have consistently been impressed with his efforts and accomplishments.

To succeed in the role of Selectman requires a large time commitment, a lot of work, and interactions with many people and committees. Bill has always given 110% to the job.  He works hard and does his homework on all issues.  He asks good questions, provides considered answers, and prepares thoroughly for presentations. He strongly believes in promoting the interests of the Town and doing what is best for the Town. He is always approachable and provides well-considered reasoning and answers.

At almost any point in time, the issues and challenges confronting us can be complex, quite challenging and, in some cases, seem intractable. To handle them, I look for someone who is willing and able to the time and energy, to do what is in the best interest of the Town at the present as well as the future, to consider all viewpoints, and be accessible to residents.  I believe that Bill has proven to be that person, and I encourage you to vote for him in the election on March 9.

Ben Thomas

2 Appletree Lane


Moonan’s Continued Leadership is Best for Bedford 

To the Editor, Bedford Citizen and Bedford Minuteman:

Sent: Feb. 18, 2019

We are writing in support of Bill Moonan’s continued service to the town of Bedford.

While we have left Bedford, we still follow the Bedford Citizen on line, and frequently connect with our many friends in town. We hold Bedford fondly in our hearts. The town is exceptionally well governed, thanks to our elected team, such as Bill, who give their time and hearts to  Bedford.

We greatly respect Bill’s knowledge and strong ethical compass. He’s not afraid to question the status quo and always  does what’s right. He strengthens the discussion by asking questions and opening the door for broad discussion. Bill actively listens, and thoughtfully considers all points of view before taking  a position. As he considers his position, he carefully thinks through any  downstream consequences of actions.  His style  is inclusive; he recognizes that Bedford  is broad and diverse – in town location, economics, age, and all aspects of life.  Bill is an active advocate for residents at the Bedford Housing Authority units. In addition to partnering to launch the innovative Life Skills Training program for residents, he was a vocal advocate for the renovation of units needing upgrade.

The above qualities make Bill  a courageous leader who will take Bedford into the future.  

On Saturday, March 9, please go vote. Please join us  in supporting Bill’s bid to continue as a Selectman - he’s done an admirable job!

Chuck & Lisa Mustapich,

Dayton OH

(formerly of Clark Rd neighborhood)


Bill's 'Dedication to the Town is Evident'

The Bedford Citizen and Minuteman

Sent: Feb. 15, 2019

To the Editor:

I write in support of Bill Moonan’s candidacy for another term for selectman.  I have come to know Bill in my capacity as a member of the town’s Finance Committee for which he is the selectman-liaison.  Bill has attended nearly every meeting during my tenure on the committee and he regularly offers well-considered views and background information.  His dedication to the town is evident, and while I have not agreed with every position he’s ever articulated, importantly, I have found him to be a reasonable person, wise, and open to opposing points of view.  For these reasons I believe he deserves to be returned to office.

Please note I write this letter not in my capacity as a member of the Finance Committee, but as a private citizen.

Paul Mortenson

4 Wellington Way


Bedford Minuteman and The Bedford Citizen

Sent:  Feb. 6, 2019

Please vote for Bill Moonan

To the Editor:

As we approach our local town election on March 9 we are faced with a choice for Selectman with three candidates and two openings.  I am writing to advocate for the re-election of Bill Moonan.

I've known Bill for years and he has always had Bedford's interests at heart.  He is kind, thoughtful and listens.  Most recently, he advocated among the Selectmen for the rezoning from Industrial to Residential land on Hartwell road that was being sold by the Federal government, protecting the interests of the abutting neighborhoods.  He spear-headed a movement to create the Town Center from the old Union School and has advocated for seniors as chairman of the Bedford Housing Authority for 33 years.  He also shows sensitivity to the Town's financial condition, attending as Selectmen's liaison to the Finance Committee and Capital Expenditures Committee.

There are many more accolades that could be mentioned, but in the interest of brevity I just want to state as strongly as I can that Bill deserves another term as Selectman.

Jerry Pfeffer

28 Battle Flagg Road

Letters from previous campaigns are below.  Because some endorsers on the original letters have moved, passed away, or may not be endorsing in 2019, their names have been removed from these letters.  But the content in the letters themselves, part of the public record, demonstrates the depth of Bill's experience  over his 9 years as a Selectman and his 39 years of public service for the Town of Bedford, even when he had no opposition in 2013 or 2016.

Bedford Minuteman and The Bedford Citizen

March 3, 2016

Support Moonan for Selectman

To the Editor:

I would like to encourage Bedford voters to re-elect William Moonan for Selectman in the Town's upcoming election on Saturday, March 12.

Bill's strong financial experience and in-depth understanding of Bedford and its finances are tremendous assets for the Town.  I have been impressed by Bill's many years of faithful attendance as the Selectman liaison to the Bedford Finance Committee and I respect Bill's input as a member of the Capital Expenditure Committee on which we both serve.  His insightful questions have been instrumental in improving the process for evaluating capital projects.  Bill is dedicated to maintaining Bedford as an attractive, well-run town with a range of services that meet the needs of our Town's many constituencies.

Please vote for Bill Moonan for Selectman on Saturday, March 12.  Thank you.

Barbara Perry

13 Jeffrey Circle, Bedford

Bedford Minuteman and The Bedford Citizen
Feb 28, 2013

Support Moonan for Selectman

To the Editor:

We join other Bedford residents in urging your readers to vote for Selectman William Moonan in the Town Election on Saturday, March 9 (8 am – 6 pm).  Bill is completing his first three-year term as a Selectman, and we are looking forward to the accomplishments of his next term. 

Because of his background as a financial officer, Bill asks lots of thoughtful questions about the Town’s operations – particularly from a fiscal point of view.  We like that he asks questions.  We like that he cares about the fiscal stability of the Town.  We like that he wants to continue improving transparency in Town government, especially his efforts to wire Town Hall for cable so that residents can watch meetings of the Selectmen and other committees from the comfort of their homes.  And we also like that he continuously works to preserve Bedford’s small-town character.

Please give Bill Moonan one of your two votes for Selectman on Saturday, March 9th.

Nancy Asbedian, Rick Manley, Mary Ellen Carter, Tim Gray, Angelo Colao, Jane and Dan Puffer, Barbara Perry, Sharon and Tom McDonald, Anne Bickford, Allen Marshall, Jan and Dick Burnes, Marc Evans, Irma Carter, Birgit DeWeerd, Paul and Wendy Ciaccia, Art and Marietta Ellis, Jaci Edwards, Bill Edwards, Don Corey, Lee Vorderer, Bob Bass, Ann Guay, Tim Brown, Karen Kalil-Brown, David and Kate Trigg, Ed and Zoe Pierce, Barbara Hitchcock, Jan van Steenwijk, and Carol Amick.    

Posted March 1, 2014 on the Bedford Citizen:

To the Editor:

I call on Bedford residents to support the re-election of Selectman Bill Moonan on Saturday, March 9.

Bill has put his energy and business background to the Town's service in many ways.  In addition to duties as a Selectman, he is the Selectman's appointee on the Capital Expenditure Committee and observes all Finance Committee meetings.  With the information and insights for these committees, Bill poses insightful questions regarding Town operations and influences rational management of the Town's scarce resources.

To help sustain the Town's commercial and industrial tax base, Bill works with the Chamber of Commerce and Crosby Drive businesses to determine ways to attract new businesses and to pursue possible ways to improve transportation alternatives to bring employees to Bedford.  Bill supported the hiring of a Business Development Coordinator in the Town Manager's office, and supports Bedford's participation in the Middlesex 3 Economic Development Initiative.

Bill continues his long-term support of Bedford's historic heritage, serving as Chairman of the Historic District Commission and the Selectmen's liaison to the Depot Park Advisory Committee.

Bedford's Selectmen work by influence and leadership.  Bill Moonan has committed untold hours sorting the facts and meeting with different constituencies maintaining Bedford's historic small-town character, rational financial management, and supporting the Town's business community.

Written by a member of the Bedford Finance Committee who, sadly, passed away in 2017. 

The Bedford Citizen posed two questions to candidates on the March 9, 2013 Town Election ballot.  Below are Bill Moonan's answers:

1.  What prepares you for service as a Selectman?

I have been a resident of Bedford since I married my wife, Carol Amick, in 1976.  I quickly became involved in Town activities, joining the Bedford Housing Authority as the gubernatorial appointee, the Bedford Players theatrical group and the Bedford Minuteman Company.  My interest in the Town’s history grew with my appointment to the Historic District Commission (HDC).  I have served continuously on the HDC for 23 years, and as Chairman for 14.

I continue serving as a member of the Housing Authority – a post I have held for 33 years.  I also serve on the Board of Directors of Town Center, Inc., the non-profit organization created to manage Town Center.  I have been involved with this group ever since my successful fight to convince Town Meeting in 1981 to approve funding to renovate and convert the 1881 yellow, wood school building into a community center. 

These activities became building blocks for my service on various other building committees, including one for the DPW building and one for the recent addition to Town Center. 

Over the years, serving in these voluntary capacities, I have been constantly reminded of what a special place Bedford is, and how important it is to preserve and protect the Town’s historic character for future generations.

My professional career has also prepared me for service as a Selectman.  A graduate of Yale University and the Harvard Business School, I have served as a financial officer for both large and small corporations.  My experience in this capacity has been extremely helpful as the Town continues to address the challenges of the recent fiscal downturn.  I find I use the financial analysis skills and knowledge of best practices that I employed while working for Fortune 500 companies regularly in my capacity as Selectman.  My familiarity with accounting and contracts helps me understand and evaluate the Town’s fiscal and planning challenges, and contribute to their solutions.


2.  What do you hope to accomplish during your next/first term?

In my successful campaign for Selectman three years ago, I called for greater transparency in Town government, not because I felt there was any wrong-doing, but because I wanted to make the actions taken by our local government more accessible and visible to Bedford residents. 

One campaign idea I promoted to provide greater transparency was to bring cable to our Town Hall, to enable coverage of Selectmen’s meetings on the local cable station.  It has taken longer than I thought, but the RFP to perform the wiring will be going out soon. I will keep pushing to achieve this goal.

I will continue working with the Bedford Chamber of Commerce and other groups to aggressively pursue ways to bring more business to Bedford.  During the recent fiscal downturn, the Town lost numerous companies in the buildings adjacent to Route 3.  The loss of these corporate taxpayers caused a shift in the tax burden from our Commercial and Industrial taxpayers onto our Residential taxpayers.  This shift has caused a severe burden to many of the retired families in town – one-quarter of Bedford’s homes are owned by residents 65 and older.  I will continue to speak up for this 25%, and for all Bedford residents, in evaluating the need and cost of future Town projects.

I will continue to support new measures to achieve more cost-effective ways of providing Town services, as we have with the new trash collection program .  The Selectmen are looking at further regionalization of some services; I believe we should be open to considering the use of solar energy and other means to hold down Town government expenses.  

We need to use the savings wisely that will come from the retirement of debt incurred from rebuilding and improving our schools.  We need to expand our budgeting process to plan for the next five years, not just for next year, and to spend more time as Selectmen reviewing the financial implications of our decisions.  I will encourage these activities, always mindful of the need to preserve Bedford’s special character and quality of life.