Thanks to all

  the Bedford voters who

         re-elected Bill

           on March 9

            to another

          3-year term!


   "I appreciate your support and will do my best to  

 represent you as one of your Selectmen."  -- Bill Moonan

Among Bill's achievements are:

  • Using his financial experience to constantly question town decision-makers to be sure they are considering how their actions impact Bedford taxpayers.

  • Improving Town government transparency by televising meetings and creating a Remote Participation Policy.
  • Initiating local efforts to establish a Bedford Cultural District to enhance tourism and support the arts and local businesses.
  • Promoting a greener Bedford through more walkability, more bike lanes, more recycling, less traffic. Bill's long-standing support for environmental issues (addressing climate change, clean water, alternative energy sources, etc.) is reflected in his work as a Town official.
  • Saving the old, vandalized Union School as a Town Center.
  • Protecting Bedford's small-town character by pushing for the rezoning of a 16-acre parcel off Hartwell Road, being sold by the Federal government, to enable local control over future development.  Despite a political decision by the AG's office to disallow the rezoning, Bill is still working on other options to protect the adjacent neighborhoods and control traffic on Hartwell Road.

If re-elected, Bill's priorities will be to:

  • Address traffic problems. Work with transportation experts and State officials to identify innovative solutions to Bedford's traffic congestion, while expanding alternatives to polluting vehicles.
  • Tackle housing shortages.  Work with town officials to identify potential ways to incentivize the creation of housing for down-sizing seniors, possibly through such innovative strategies as tax incentives, zoning changes, and partnering with town, state and federal agencies to re-purpose publicly-owned property.
  • Establish historical museum.  Complete negotiations with the Bedford Historical Society to run a town historical museum and bring final museum costs before the Selectmen and Town Meeting for their approval.
  • Retain our special town character.  Continue to preserve and protect Bedford's historic and small-town character through defensive actions that safeguard traditional neighborhoods and significant historical areas. 

Bill has Demonstrated Qualities Important for a Selectman:

Continuous, Caring Leadership:  For over 39 years, Bill has served Bedford in a number of capacities.  During the past 9 years, as an elected Selectman, he successfully convinced the other selectmen to support televising their meetings for greater government transparency.

Most recently, he led the Selectmen to approve a new Remote Participation Policy that allows the Town's elected and appointed committee members to participate in meetings, even if they are out-of-town.  This new policy makes it easier for residents who travel in their jobs to volunteer on Town committees and assures that all points of view are available as governmental bodies make their decisions.

For the past 39 years he has served the town's most vulnerable citizens -- it's seniors (who Bill calls "Super Citizens") -- as a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Bedford Housing Authority (BHA), serving as Chairman for 33 years.  He has led the Board and Authority staff in the efficient and effective management of Bedford’s Elderly and Family housing programs. 

As a BHA member, he worked to start an innovative program in 2015 for residents of the BHA's Family housing units  -- helping them gain life skills training and job preparation.  This program has been so successful that 8% of the residents have been able to move out of their subsidized units and into market-rate apartments and others have completed college programs and technical training certifications.     

As the Selectman-liaison to the Bedford Council on Aging (COA), he served on the selection committee to identify the current COA Executive Director, and consults with her regularly.  

In 1981, Bill proposed an article for Town Meeting to turn the old, yellow Union School building into a Town Center.  He convinced Town Meeting to authorize the funding, and became a Director of the non-profit Town Center, Inc. (TCI), established to oversee the renovations and manage the building.  Today, Town Center is thriving as the site for the Council on Aging's bustling activities, other Town departments, and rental space that is used by a variety of organizations.  TCI's mission has expanded to include the successful rental of the 3rd floor at Old Town Hall and the railroad car at Depot Park.  

Creative Vision:  Bill not only understands the importance of protecting Bedford’s “small-town” character, he works tirelessly to preserve it.  Among his accomplishments and creative thinking:

    • Convincing the Selectmen to hold a Special Town Meeting to rezone -- from Industrial to Residential -- land off Hartwell Road that is being sold by the U.S. General Services Administration.  By changing the zoning to Residential, Bill's vision enables the Town to control the ultimate use of this land, and thereby protect the adjoining residential neighborhood and control the volume of traffic on Hartwell Road. Despite a political decision by the AG's office, favoring Massport, and disallowing the rezoning, Bill continues to work on other options to protect the adjacent neighborhoods and control traffic on Hartwell Road.
    • Advocating for the purchase of land for future Town use, including the Swallow House next to the Old Town Hall (to use the rear of that property for more Old Town Hall parking) and the VFW Building on Loomis Street.
    • Promoting an easement on land split off from the Fitch Tavern property in order to preserve the land as a mini park and cut-through path and prevent the construction of a new house on this historic site.
    • Advocating for such environmental programs as Solarize Mass, a solar energy group-buying program that provides discounts for residents and businesses who purchase solar energy, when the program resulted in a grant to Bedford-Lexington in 2013.  Bill's desire to have solar panels installed on his house through this program was determined to be impractical due to shade and poor roof orientation. 
    • Chairing the Selectmen's Ad Hoc Historical Museum Study Committee to investigate potential locations for a Town historical museum. Using the Study Committee's recommendations, Bill led the Selectmen through a process of identifying Old Town Hall as the best public site for a museum. His next step involves negotiations with the Bedford HIstorical Society to run a museum on behalf of the Town.
    • Saving the old, vandalized Union School as a Town Center. 
    • Working with other members of the Historic District Commission to protect the historic quality of Bedford’s oldest residential and business areas.
    • As Chairman of the Housing Authority, forcing State officials to accept an architectural design for an assisted living/group home facility that is in keeping with neighborhood building styles.
    • Initiating local efforts to establish a Cultural District in Bedford to encourage more tourism and economic activity. 
    • As a member of the Capital Expenditure Committee, pushing strongly for funding to upgrade town equipment (such as heating and AC systems) to reduce the town's energy footprint.  

Fiscal Responsibility/Financial Experience Since being elected a Selectman 9 years ago, Bill has attended almost every Finance Committee and Capital Expenditures Committee meeting to offer a financial control viewpoint to discussions about raising or spending funds.  "By raising questions regarding the source and use of funds, fellow decisions-makers pause to consider the impact of their decisions on the taxpayers and the wisdom of proceeding with a project in its proposed form or on its proposed schedule before taking action," he said.  Bill will use his business acumen and financial experience to help the Town address whatever fiscal issues emerge, while preserving Bedford's excellence.

Bill’s professional experiences as chief financial officer for both large and small companies and as the owner of the country's oldest bird feeder company have enhanced his ability to identify creative solutions to meet Bedford's fiscal and planning challenges and obligations.  His experience paid off in his first term as Selectmen, when he found a source of money that saved the Town $1 million in taxes that did not have to be raised by Town Meeting to pay for road maintenance.  

Bill also serves as the Selectman-liaison to the Bedford Chamber of Commerce and works with its Business Development Committee to promote a constructive, working relationship between Town government and the local business community. 

Please vote Saturday, March 9, 2019

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